Wisconsin – Wellspring, Inc. hiring Buildings and Groundskeeper

West Bend, Wisconsin

Position Description: Buildings and Groundskeeper at Wellspring Inc.

Wellspring Mission: “Wellspring Inc is a nonprofit Education and Retreat Center, as well as a Certified Organic Farm and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) whose mission it is to inspire and teach people to grow, prepare and eat healthy food. In so doing, we transform food systems and build community.”

Groundskeeper Job Description

Ensure all buildings, facilities, and work spaces are well-maintained, structurally sound and secure, well-kept in appearance, and free of safety hazards; Ensure all outdoor areas, including improved and unimproved pathways, and any non-production land owned or rented by Wellspring, are well-maintained, well-kept in appearance, and free of safety hazards; Ensure that all vehicles, equipment, machinery, and tools are well-maintained and in good working order; Ensure all utility services, including electrical, HVAC, water, natural gas, and sewer are in proper working order and free of safety hazards.

Responsibilities including but not limited to:

  • Maintain buildings, facilities and workspaces
    • Clearing rain gutters
    • Painting as needed
    • Installing rain collection barrels in spring, storing them in fall
    • Regularly inspect buildings for safety and repairs
    • Repair or replace anything in the buildings that needs attention
    • Maintaining organization and cleanliness in the Shop
    • Process all garbage and recycling
  • Maintain outdoor areas
    • Mow all grassy areas: lawns, trails, labyrinth, and pathways
    • Manage the brush pile
    • Facilitate removal of any harmful insects or pest infestation
    • Process downed trees
    • Maintaining gravel driveway
  • Maintain all equipment, machinery, and tools
    • Clean and lubricate all electrical, mechanical equipment including mowers, saws, tractor and implements, farm truck, and hand tools
    • Replacing and adding new tools as needed
    • Restocking fuel tanks
    • Winterizing mowers, weed eater, tiller, saws; storing mower battery
    • Properly disposal of used grease, oil, and other hazardous fluids
  • Maintain all utility services
    • Fill water softeners with pellet salt
    • Clearing water lines for winter
  • Work collaboratively with Wellspring Staff
    • Coordinate maintenance and usage of shared space in collaboration with Conference Center Director, Farm Manager, and Education Director.
    • Coordinate timing and space usage related to any maintenance activities or projects to minimize impact on workshops or events.
    • Coordinate any work involving hospitality areas (house, hostel, barn loft) with the Conference Center Director to ensure minimal impact on guests.
    • Work collaboratively with all staff on large projects such as infrastructure development, large equipment purchases, and organization of shared spaces.
    • Provide assistance as requested during special events at Wellspring.
    • Provide assistance to guests and visitors as requested.
  • Communicate with Wellspring Board of Directors
    • Provide written reports on activities, objectives, and finances as requested.
    • Attend board meetings as requested


  • Highschool Diploma/GED
  • 2+ years groundskeeping experience
  • Carpentry: 2+ years experience or certificate
  • Mechanical experience preferred
  • Must be reliable and have good time management skills

Schedule: Part time. Hours vary seasonally. 20-25/week hours during the growing season; 5-10 hours during the winter season.

Compensation: $10/hour. Access to surplus produce.

Governance: Groundskeeper is eligible to join the board of directors, upon nomination and pending vote of current members of the board.

To apply, applicants may submit their resume and letter of intention to roxanne@wellspringinc.org. We will then follow up with an application form, after which we will contact you for an interview.