Mexico – Permaculture Farm hiring Manager

Permaculture Management Position at Playa Viva, Juluchuca, Guerrero, Mexico

Job Title:

Permaculture Management Position Juluchuca, Guerrero, Mexico

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Job Description:

Salary ~ negotiable based on skill & experience

Caretaker’s cottage, amenities & utilities provided, meals provided at hotel during work days.

Location ~ Juluchuca, Guerrero, Mexico – south of Zihuatanejo, Ixtapa area. Start Date ~ April 1, 2018

Playa Viva has a permaculture specialist position opening for a couple or individual with professional experience, who can demonstrate a strong work ethic, proactive communication skills and an enthusiastic focus on the long-term health and productivity of the local ecosystem.

The Core Values of Playa Viva are:

  • Promote Cleaner and More Abundant Water and Energy
  • Promote Biodiversity
  • Promote Transformation Experiences
  • Create “Meaningful” Community
  • Create a Living Legacy

As the permaculture specialist at Playa Viva, your long-term goals at Playa Viva are to:

  • Regenerate the landscape based on core values above
  • Create trails and paths to engage the guests in the landscape including update of trail markers, trail guide/printed materials and other mechanisms for guest engagement
  • Promote permaculture practices within the local community creating a connection between Playa Viva and the local community
  • Restore the mangroves and the lagoon system
  • Work with the farm production team to promote healthy soils and food production for the hotel, local ecosystem and export
  • Promote the healthy engagement of farm animals into the landscape and for consumption in the hotel (eggs, chicken, shellfish, fish, milk, etc.)
  • Manage nursery and gardens around zone zero (hotel)
  • Manage all roads, trails and paths
  • Maintain erosion control measures
  • Manage water systems (in conjunction with maintenance team) including black water treatment systems, grey water, well water, water storage and filtration, flood control, etc.
  • Work on regular drone mapping of site and adding content (photos and videos to map)
  • Work with invited biologists and other scientists related to flora and fauna

Fluency in Spanish is a must to engage with Playa Viva permaculture team and community. Fluency in English as well in engaging with guests and volunteers.

You will work in conjunction with Playa Viva General Manager, Playa Viva Farm

Production Team and Playa Viva chefs related to improving the farm to table program at Playa Viva. This does not mean that all food in kitchen will come from Playa Viva but the kitchen will eventually have a direct relationship with every food item on the plate when served.  You will work with Social and Environmental Officer in the recruitment, screening, training, onboarding and managing permaculture volunteers.  You will participate in monthly management team calls/meetings and provide monthly reports to Executive Team with progress on your goals. You will also participate in an annual review and present an annual report on your progress to be shared with the broader community.  You will participate in social media and blog content creation.

Playa Viva property is made up of 200 acres (86 hectares) with close to a mile of beachfront (1.3km). The property was a  collection of coconut, mango and tamarind groves that had not been worked for 15 years since it was taken over in 2006.  A permaculture specialist has been visiting the property approximately 9-10 times per year and working with local team. You will meet with this permaculture person to understand how the land has been transformed over the last 10 years and work to develop a plan for the next 10 years.  Property is marked by several key zones. Zone 0 where hotel is located, the oceanfront/beach/dunes, mangrove/estuary/lagoons, historical groves, land that has been restoring on its own, land that has been restored via planting of native species and farmland/roads/trails.

Only serious inquiries please

This is not a property rental situation 4+ references required

Education & Experience:

Must have 10+ years education and experience in Permaculture practices, organic farming, regenerative land stewardship and people management.

Application Instructions:

For more information please contact us ONLY via email at:

DO NOT CALL – Send email with “PERMACULTURE JOB” in Subject line along with your cover letter and resume, including any links to your website, blog, Instagram or other online media showing samples of your work.

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