Italy – Hortulanus hiring Farmer/Bee Keeper

Biodynamic farm manager / beekeeper:

Hortulanus  is a certified organic farm with biodynamic applications situated in the South of Tuscany (close to Montalcino). We have three hectares of century-old olive trees (about three thousand trees), and produce a world-renowned, award-winning oil. We are in the process of creating a bee sanctuary, which will include the creation of a heirloom fruit trees orchard and meadows of wildflowers. We want to dedicate a part of Hortulanus  to the improvement of the live of bees through education, charity, and courses.

Hortulanus is looking for an organic dynamic farmer/beekeeper to take care of the small holding vegetable- herbal gardens, bees, chicken, sheep and olive trees. Moreover, this farmer should have a business mind to help in the making of products involving honey (ex: soaps, candles, etc.) and olive oil, as well as have the capability to be a leader who can instruct other workers / wwoofers. This will include groups of workers / wwoofers during the harvests, and one or two workers / wwoofers during the rest of the year.

We are looking for someone who is:
Willing to undertake a business in the world of honey and olive oil
All-year worker with flexible hours
Deep understanding of bees and beekeeping
Able to work with medicinal herbs and plants
Able to create (in coordination with us) and give courses in beekeeping, health benefits of bee products, organic gardening, and self-sufficiency
Able to give tours about the working ethos of Hortulanus
Able to prepare soil, planting, harvesting, and coordinating with scientists
Able to make a small production out of the products harvested.

We will respond to emails with an attached resume and a cover letter stating what you’ll bring to the team.
Interviews will begin June 2, 2018

Shifra Steinberg