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Employment Opportunity at the Biodynamic Association

The Biodynamic Association (BDA) is a participatory, membership-based nonprofit organization that works to nurture the North American biodynamic movement as a diverse, collaborative, and thriving ecosystem. We help thousands of people understand and practice biodynamics, bringing health to the land and vitality to the food system, and build bridges and partnerships to deepen and evolve the movement toward regenerative agriculture and social justice.

The BDA strives to embody biodynamic principles in how we operate as an organization, and we have an agile, living approach to organizing our work. Drawing inspiration from Reinventing Organizations and Holacracy, our organization is structured into self-managing circles made up of a number of roles focused on different needs of the organization. Most people on BDA staff fill multiple roles, and the structure of circles and roles evolves to meet the changing needs and opportunities that the BDA encounters and the developing interests and capacities of staff.
Position Summary

In our current phase of growth, we are seeking one or several new people to join our geographically-distributed staff team in filling the following open roles.

Role Purpose Accountabilities
Member Services To grow and maintain membership in the Biodynamic Association ·         Co-managing and building the BDA’s membership program, and increasing the number of members

·         Creating membership promotional language and materials in collaboration with BDA Promoter and Development Director

·         Determining and administering membership structure and benefits, in collaboration with Membership Sage and Development Director

·         Assisting with scheduling, promotion, and facilitation of Member Conversation Salons

·         Responding to membership inquiries and member questions and concerns

·         Collaborating with Civi Wizard to design and maintain membership-related aspects of database

·         Processing and acknowledging member joins and renewals (online, phone, and mail)

·         In consultation with relevant roles, determining contents of mailed member packets, facilitating the material exchange with those helping send the packets, and tracking which members receive a packet

·         Writing, scheduling, and tracking email and paper renewal reminders

·         Writing, gathering feedback on, and scheduling monthly member email communications

·         Contributing any membership messages needed for inclusion on website, social media outlets, E-news, journal, or other communication mechanisms

·         Determining, creating, and implementing a plan for the future of the Biodynamic Directory, in consultation with related circles and roles

·         Creating and implementing the annual spring membership appeal, in collaboration with the Development Director

·         Tracking and recording membership statistics in Organizational Dashboard and for team members

Grants Fairy Assist Development Director, Executive Director, and Strategic Advisor on grant writing and reporting ·         Preparing grant proposals and grant reports in collaboration with the Development Director

·         Monitoring grant proposal deadlines and grant report due dates in collaboration with the Development Director

Administrative Assistant Enhance the effectiveness of the BDA by providing excellent administrative support ·         Supporting Executive Director and other roles with excellent, timely, and responsive administrative assistance

·         Creating, formatting, and editing documents, presentations, emails, and web pages

·         Organizing and entering data in spreadsheets and Civi contact database

·         Conducting research and creating reports

·         Filing, copying, scanning, and preparing mailings

·         Assisting with scheduling meetings and making travel arrangements

·         Planning and managing logistics of board retreats

Phone System Ensure functional and clear phone communications for BDA team ·         Updating and recording outgoing BDA phone message

·         Setting up and maintaining extensions for all employees and key contractors

·         Distributing current extension list and conference call number(s) to all employees and key contractors

·         Assisting employees and key contractors with setting up call forwarding and voicemail greetings

·         Determining level of service most appropriate to BDA needs

·         Creating policies and reimbursement levels for business use of personal phones

·         Working with phone system company to troubleshoot and resolve problems

·         Sharing RingCentral best practices with staff

·         Training new employees and key contractors on phone system use

Calendar Consciousness To coordinate scheduled work time and time off among BDA employees and key contractors to ensure healthy operations of the BDA ·         Maintaining BDA google calendar with up to date information on employee and key contractor working days/hours/locations and time off

·         Verifying that away messages and email/phone call forwarding are in place for all employees who are off for 3 or more working days

·         Maintaining a vacation calendar to help employees coordinate time off of 3 or more working days

·         Training new employees and key contractors on calendar documents and usage

Office Fairy Organized and highly functional central BDA office (in East Troy, WI) ·         Coordinating with and providing guidance to MFAI office manager on management of BDA mail and checks

·         Organizing and maintaining complete inventory of BDA print materials in office space

·         Updating inventory log of office materials and technology

·         Retrieving and sending journals and print materials from office

·         Preparing and sending bulk mailings

Conference Registration Assistant Assist in a joyful, effective, and smooth registration experience ·         Assisting with creation and upkeep of registration documentation, tracking, and reporting, and alerting the Registrar when changes may be needed

·         Processing online, phone, and mailed registrations

·         Checking the registrar@ email box regularly, responding to inquiries as appropriate, and forwarding inquiries to other staff as needed

·         Attending the conference and assisting with onsite registration

·         Helping create and distribute participant name badges, information packets, and participant directory

·         Assisting with the training and supervising of registration volunteers, in coordination with Volunteers and Registrar roles

·         Helping determine type and quantity of registration materials needed, placing orders, and communicating with vendors


Homestay Coordinator Provide cost-effective alternative housing options to conference participants ·         Researching feasibility of homestay options in the vicinity of the conference venue

·         Connecting with one or more local volunteers to assist with coordination of homestay options

·         Assisting with promotion of homestay options through conference communications

·         Serving as the onsite coordinator for homestays, or assigning adequate volunteer labor to serve in this capacity

·         Acting as a resource to the conference planning team and participants for all questions related to homestays throughout the registration and planning process


Family Fairy Provide a joyful, fun, educational experience for children and families at the conference and provide peace of mind to parents ·         Creating a plan for childcare and/or children’s activities at the conference

·         Communicating the plan for children with the conference circle in order to effectively integrate the plan with the rest of the conference content, timing, and registration

·         Securing adequate volunteer or paid labor for all scheduled childcare hours and/or children’s activities, according to state and federal legal requirements

·         Caring for the logistics of any background checks, reference checks, or other required matters related to childcare/children’s activities staff and volunteers




To fill the roles that we currently have open, we are seeking candidates with skills and experience relevant to some or all of the following:

  • Conference or event registration logistics
  • Offering warm, friendly, timely, and helpful customer service via phone, email, and in person
  • Contact database and/or Customer Relationship Management tools (ideally CiviCRM)
  • Data reporting and analysis
  • Membership program management
  • Other administrative and staff support tasks, including data entry and filing

Candidates who are a good fit for these roles and the BDA will additionally demonstrate:

  • Enthusiasm for biodynamic and regenerative agriculture
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Good time management and capacity to prioritize competing tasks
  • A high degree of organization and attention to detail
  • Tech savvy; proficiency with MS Office suite, Google suite, and internet research; and interest in learning and applying new technologies
  • Ability to proactively communicate and ask questions
  • Willingness to give, receive, and act on honest feedback
  • Warmth, kindness, and a sense of fun

It is also essential that you are inspired by and drawn to our organizational mission, and have the capacity and enthusiasm to function well within our organizational structure, which offers a great deal of flexibility and freedom while requiring a high level of motivation, communication, transparency, and accountability.

Time Commitment and Location

A full-time, salaried, exempt position is available for an individual whose strengths and experience are a good match for multiple roles outlined above. We will also consider filling these open roles with two or more part-time, hourly, non-exempt positions. We strive to create a dynamic, supportive, and flexible organization that allows each employee to realize their creative potential in their work.

BDA employees are responsible for setting their own work schedules in coordination with other roles they collaborate with, and communicating their schedules clearly to the rest of the team.

The BDA is a geographically-distributed, North American organization. All of our staff currently work primarily from home. We have an administrative office in East Troy, Wisconsin. Staff are in daily communication through online project management software, email, phone, and video meetings. Occasional travel for meetings, events, and conferences is required.

Compensation and Benefits

Given the flexible nature of this hiring situation, the starting salary or hourly wage is dependent on the experience, skills, cost of living, and other factors brought forth by qualified candidates. The BDA strives to offer living wages to all employees. Ongoing compensation will be determined through the BDA’s annual collaborative budgeting process, which takes into consideration the needs and gifts of each employee and the organization as a whole. Benefits include four weeks paid time off and eleven paid holidays per year, reimbursement for qualified health expenses of up to $200 per month (for employees working at least 20 hours per week), and the option to participate in a retirement savings plan.

Application Process and Timeline

The Biodynamic Association is an equal opportunity employer. People of color, people of all sexual orientations and gender identity, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

To apply, please send an email to with the following format:

Subject line: [Your full name], [City, State]

Within the body of your email, include a brief personal statement addressing:

  1. Why you are interested in working with the Biodynamic Association
  2. Which of the above listed roles you are interested in filling, and how your skills, interests, and experience intersect with the responsibilities and qualifications for these roles
  3. Your time availability including hours per week, any fixed constraints on your work schedule, and when you would be available to begin work
  4. Your compensation needs
  5. Your desired work location
  6. Anything else you want us to know about you


Attach your current resume as a PDF with the file name: [Your Full Name] Resume

These roles are open until filled. Applications will be reviewed and interviews will be scheduled on a rolling basis beginning Friday, May 11. Email with any questions. No phone calls, please.