Virginia – Hawk’s Journey Farm hiring Assistant Cattle Manager

Nelson County, Virginia

Assistant Cattle Manager

At Hawk’s Journey Farm, we combine Biological farming, Restoration Agriculture, Permaculture and Holistic Management to raise livestock, perennial food and herbs, and annual crops. We build the things we learn into training programs through our outreach and education company Simple Soil Solutions.  Our mission is to heal ourselves and our community, starting with the soil.  We are located in Gladstone, VA and border the James River. For more info about us:  Please check our websites at and, and our videos on VIMEO and YouTube

We are building our core team for the long run, and need a full-time person (40 – 50 hrs/wk) to work mostly with our grass fed beef cattle operation, under the direction of the Cattle Herd Manager and farm owner. We pay a living wage, invest in amazing training opportunities, and offer many other benefits as well.

We are seeking a full-time, healthy, hardworking, detail oriented person who knows they want to work with regenerative and holistic cattle operation as a life path.  We do have openings for internships, but for this position we are looking for a long term team member.

Are you generally happy and positive?  Do you have a passion for soil building and rebuilding our earth and communities from the ground up?  We believe in the power of intention and the law of attraction.  We work as a team with a lot of openness and trust, and willingness to take accountability for our own feelings and choices.  We believe that working on ourselves is the foundation for societal change.  We want to share deeply on our unique paths of personal transformation as we mirror ways we can help each other grow.  

Think of this position as joining a loving, healthy family.  We support each other when we are down, and are honest with each other even when it hurts.  We believe in positive change from both joyful and painful experiences.  We want to FEEL and TUNE IN to our emotions fully and learn the messages underneath them, for we see that there is gold beneath the challenges that teaches us about our spiritual growth.

Job tasks would include but are not limited to:

  • Setting up, taking down temporary electrical fence daily or several times daily (lots of walking on hills and in tall vegetation in all types of weather, year round)
  • Practicing low stress cattle handling techniques
  • Feeding hay, free choice cafeteria style minerals, and other supplements, and natural treatments such as essential oils
  • Cleaning water troughs daily
  • Participating in on-farm research
  • Making daily observations and writing log records to document what the cattle are eating (grass, hay, minerals, etc.), what treatments were applied, cattle health & habits, grazing plan, and others as season and animal health dictates
  • Pushing out round bales by hand (with assistance when needed)
  • Loading/unloading hay (square bales) by hand
  • Fence building/repair
  • Operating farm equipment, vehicles and trailers
  • Awareness/Mindfulness work with animals

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Colorado – Pine Cliff Ranch hiring Ranch Hand

Sedalia, Colorado

Ranch Hand
 Pine Cliff Ranch
Temporary, Full-Time
 About the Organization:

Pine Cliff Ranch, a responsibly run grass-fed beef ranch in Sedalia, CO, has spent the past four years creating a quality product – sustainably raising delicious grass fed and grass finished beef without hormones or antibiotics. We are seeking a Ranch Hand to manage the day-to-day operations at the ranch. The right candidate has a passion for cattle and ranching and sustainable processes. This position will report to the Ranch Manager and be required to live on the ranch.  Pine Cliff Ranch sits on 3500 acres of land 30 miles south of Downtown Denver.


Effectively lead daily operations of Pine Cliff Ranch which includes property maintenance, various projects, well-being of ranch livestock and farming operations.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for management and well-being of all livestock on ranch, which includes, pasture/grazing management, winter feeding/watering, vaccinations, pregnancy tests, calving, branding, shoeing, breeding, castrations, de-horning, acquisition and disposition of livestock, sales of livestock at auction, install new fencing as needed, maintain existing fencing
  • Manage any grazing rights for cattle
  • Responsible for the maintenance and repair of all structures; homes, barns, sheds, stables, fences, corrals
  • Responsible for the maintenance and repair of all equipment, including tractors, trucks, pumps and tools, ATVs, etc., including annual preventative maintenance overhauls during winter months
  • Maintain and update inventories of all equipment, tools and supplies.  Provide documentation to Ranch Manager on a regular basis
  • Assist in maintaining landscaping, driveways and roads
  • Responsible for irrigation, including maintaining ditches, dams, ponds, wells, windmills and stock ponds
  • Responsible for irrigation maintenance of ditches, dams, ponds, wells, windmills and stock ponds
  • Responsible for weed control, soil preparation, plantings, irrigation and harvesting of crops
  • Responsible for well-being and management of ranch livestock which includes pasture/grazing rotation, pregnancy tests, feeding/watering, vaccinations, calving, branding, horse training and shoeing, breeding, castrations and de-horning, acquisitions and disposition of livestock, installation of new fencing as needed, maintaining existing fencing
  • Maintain landscaping of ranch headquarters and private residences
  • Assist in security of property; watching for trespassing, hunting, etc.
  • Assist Ranch Business Manager with all other ranch duties as requested

 Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Must have mechanical aptitude; extensive knowledge and experience in operation and repair of heavy equipment
  • Knowledge of welding, electrical and plumbing
  • Ability to develop and implement ranch business plans
  • Must have high energy and physical stamina
  • Willing to perform physical labor
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks while meeting stated deadlines
  • Good organization skills
  • Work independently, self-driven and results oriented
  • Ability to exercise good business judgment and conduct all business activities in a professional manner
  • Strong work ethic and integrity

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Cattle Operation hiring Farm Hands

Various Locations – Ohio and New York


Managing Partners – Cattle & Timber Operations

Sweat equity opportunity for the right woman or man

Harrison County OH & Tioga County NY

 We need honest, hardworking individuals to run and manage our operations. Job encompasses everything needed to work the cattle and improve/maintain our farm.

This is a “HANDS-ON” get dirty & smelly position, not an “I’m the boss” role.

Combination cattle, hay production, timber and land management. Working knowledge of farm equipment and strong all around repair and maintenance skills.

Superior Compensation & Benefits, plus long-term partnership package. If you believe you are the “Right One” – Call Now! Ask for Nick 216.789.3775

Send your resume in confidence:


Ekone Garden hiring Garden Coordinator

Goldendale, Washington


Job Purpose:  Provide leadership, coordination and labor to maintain and improve Ekone Ranch’s garden spaces and infrastructure, balancing the interests of food production and educational opportunities for summer campers and other guests, in collaboration with numerous volunteers.

Job Duties:

Food Production in ¼ Acre Ekone Garden

Use existing garden systems to implement a thriving production garden. No major reinventing the wheel for the 2016 season, just the daily and seasonal work of tending annual and perennial plants.  Prioritize production of abundant daily salads from mid-May thru October.

  • Spring: create planting schedule and recordkeeping systems, prepare beds for planting, do soil tests and add amendments as needed, order and start seeds, tend and weed perennials, lay out irrigation lines, build some simple cold frames for earlier crops and transitioning plants from indoors to outdoors.
  • Summer: continue succession planting of greens and fall crops, keep up with irrigation and weeding, maintain paths, ongoing harvests.
  • Fall: plant cold frames with winter greens, harvest and storage of crops, cover crop and/or mulch beds before winter, make compost with field debris
  • Ongoing: line out volunteers and residents for watering, maintenance, daily harvests, and special projects.


Create space and opportunity in the garden for summer campers to have a meaningful experience with sustainable food production.

  • Check in with program staff at least weekly, or at daily staff meetings when possible, about current garden project opportunities and needs. Support program staff in bringing campers or program participants into the garden.
  • When time allows, facilitate garden activities with campers or program participants.
  • Create physical spaces in the garden for gathering, teaching, resting, observing, etc.
  • Train and utilize adult volunteers and interns in ways that are both educational and productive.

Market Garlic Venture

Take definitive steps towards establishing a small commercial garlic venture to help fund the garden and this position into the future.

  • Tend and harvest our first garlic crop (1300 cloves planted Oct 2015)
  • Prepare garlic for sale to camp families throughout the summer
  • Develop and execute marketing plan for fall garlic sales, especially through Ekone’s existing network


  • Weekly check-ins with the kitchen manager to assess priorities
  • Development and planning for the extensive “wish list” of future garden plans
  • Maintain garden tools
  • Manage the garden budget
  • Take leadership of the garden and work independently, while inviting and considering input from residents and guests


Our ideal garden coordinator has some combination of:

  • Experience growing annual vegetables, preferably in a dry climate
  • Permaculture training or expertise
  • Strong “creative problem solving” and “fix it” skills
  • Talent as an educator, especially with children ages 8-16
  • Self-starter with proven ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Leadership experience, capable of directing a team of volunteers, children or adults
  • Physical capacity to work in the hot sun and lift 50 pounds
  • Ability to resist being overwhelmed in a role where there is always more to do than can ever be done, finding a balance between “going the extra mile” and guarding your own boundaries.
  • Familiarity with the work of Ekone Ranch,

All applications will be considered—if you have a combination of skills and talents that you think will be relevant to this position, please tell us about them!

Terms of Employment

  • Hours per week: 20 on average
  • Compensation: $10 per hour, plus room and board
  • Seasonal position: April 1 – October 31
  • Housing consists of simple trailer with wood stove and shared bathroom/kitchen
  • No additional benefits provided at this time
  • Abide by Employee Handbook and Ekone Community policies and agreements

Application process:

  • Direct any questions to kitchen manager Chris Woodcock by email,
  • Apply by email to Please include a resume and a cover letter introducing yourself and specifically addressing your qualifications for this position.
  • Phase two of the application process will include a review of Ekone’s community agreements, responding to a community questionnaire, and creating a description of two sample activities that you could do with children in the garden.
  • Initial applications will be reviewed on March 1, but the position is open until filled.

Tunitas Creek Ranch hiring Team Members

Half Moon Bay, California


 Tunitas Creek Ranch is a 120-acre diversified (soon to be certified organic) farming and ranching property on the beautiful San Mateo coast 20 minutes south of the town of Half Moon Bay. This will be the second season building a new organic farming, ranching, and local food model. Of the 120 acres, approximately 10 are currently in pasture that is being converted into intensive organic vegetable production, .5 acres are mixed fruit orchards, 40 acres are eucalyptus forest, and the remainder is horticultural gardens and wild land. The organic production system uses multicolored plasticulture, season extension techniques, climate modification through the use of high and low tunnels, and other regenerative agriculture practices. The animals are a key component of the operation: goats, pigs, and chickens supply manure for compost, as well as build soil fertility through management intensive grazing. We raise pigs in our 40 acres of eucalyptus forest (an invasive species) where they help us control the spread of the eucalyptus through their natural rooting.  We also raise pastured egg layers and meat birds, which we slaughter and process on the farm.

Job Description:

We are looking for two hard working, fun loving, and passionate team members to work on all aspects of the ranch for the 2016 season. Tentatively the season will run from March to Thanksgiving; however, start and end dates are flexible. For those who excel there may be the opportunity to come back for the 2017 season in a more permanent capacity. This is a great opportunity to further one’s farming career by being intimately involved in all aspects of an intensive and inventive organic farming and ranching operation.  Come gain experience and knowledge, while doing the hard yet gratifying work of farming.

Desired Qualifications:

  • 1 to 2 seasons of organic field and greenhouse experience
  • Farmers market and or other direct to consumer sales experience
  • Hard working and physically fit with the ability to lift 50lbs repetitively
  • Experience with drip irrigation
  • Experience in the safe operation of small engine equipment (weedeaters, chainsaws, etc.)
  • Experience with animal husbandry (pigs, chickens, and goats) is desired but not necessary
  • Spanish language skills are a plus
  • Clean DMV required
  • Tractor driving experience a plus but not required.   You will be given the opportunity to learn safe equipment operation
  • Basic construction and plumbing experience a plus
  • Positive outlook, happy, and energetic
  • Passionate about organic farming, local food production, cooking, and eating
  • Detail oriented, tidy, and organized
  • Self motivated with the ability to work unsupervised and within a small team
  • Serious interest in pursuing a career in organic farming


  • Work on all aspects of diversified vegetable operation: greenhouse transplant production, seeding, applying plastic mulch and amendments, installing and maintaining drip irrigation, planting, weeding, harvesting, and post harvest handling
  • Work in orchards: pruning, thinning, and harvesting
  • Direct to consumer sales: Farmers Markets, deliveries to restaurants, small specialty markets, and grocery stores
  • Work with all animals (pigs, chickens, and goats): Feeding, watering, herding, milking, moving electric fencing, moving pastured poultry pens, and on farm pastured poultry processing
  • Property infrastructure improvement projects and maintenance: light construction, landscape maintenance of insectary gardens and property residences, water system improvement and repair, fence repair, equipment maintenance, and general ranch maintenance

The Details:

Schedule: 40-55 hours per week peak season, evenings and weekends as needed.  Schedule will vary depending on the workload; however, you will get 1-1.5 days off per week.

Compensation:  Hourly, wage depending on experience.

Housing is available, as well as food from the property.

There are numerous recreational opportunities on the ranch and in the area, from hiking and mountain biking trails to beaches and surf breaks. The San Mateo Coast also has a vibrant organic farming community, with frequent gatherings and social opportunities.

How to Apply:  Send cover letter and resume to Jeff at  Application review begins immediately.  The positions are open until filled.

Rogue Farm Corp’s FarmsNext Program hiring Interns

Various Locations, Oregon


Rogue Farm Corps’ FarmsNext program is approximately 7 months (~April-October) of hands-on training and skill-based education in sustainable agriculture for aspiring farmers and ranchers. This immersive on-farm experience combines field training with a mentor farmer, classroom learning with agricultural professionals and expert farmers, tours of local farms, and opportunities for farm-based independent study. Positions available on a diverse network of commercial family farms in four communities across Oregon. No experience necessary to apply. See more details and application instructions on our website.

Rogue Farm Corps trains the next generation of farmers and ranchers through hands-on educational programs. Our host farms are located in four cluster around Oregon: the Rogue Valley, the Portland Metro Area, the South Willamette Valley, and Central Oregon. For complete program descriptions, information on our host farms, and applications, visit our website: