Panama – Kalu Yala Institute hiring Kitchen Manager and Head Chef

Kitchen Manager and Head Chef
Kalu Yala Institute

Start date May 1st, 2017 
Contact: Melissa Mazurkewicz,

You have a passion for nutritious food and organization. You enjoy finding local producers that can provide a regular supply of fresh, healthy food in order to feed up to 200 people a day. You are an organizer and can plan 30 days in advance. You enjoy collaborating with chefs as well as spending time creating and updating spreadsheets. You promote creative expression of yourself and others via culinary arts in a mentorship role. You love working in an outdoor kitchen. You can delegate and empower others on your team. You know how to manage a budget and keep track of finances.

As Kalu Yala Kitchen Manager and Executive Chef you will manage our public house style on-site kitchen while attempting to be Zero Waste and source ingredients as local and seasonal as possible. You will carry out the vision and mission of our previous Executive Chef by operating a arts style kitchen, utilizing the creativity and skills of each kitchen team member.  At our off-the-grid location, you will make sure everyone is well fed, food is delivered on time and in the right quantity, and that the kitchen is kept meticulously clean and organized.

You will work Monday through Friday and coordinate that food is set up for the weekends. You will work with your supervisor to set goals and track them throughout the semester.


  • Spanish speaker

  • Wilderness First Responder or other medical training

  • CPR certified

  • Manual vehicle/4×4 experience

  • Flexible and resilient

  • Experience living in community


  1. 3-5 years working in a commercial kitchen with kitchen management experience or degree related to culinary arts with relevant experience

  2. Strong planner who enjoys organization

  3. Group leadership and managerial skills

  4. Experience cooking for large groups

  5. Conversational Spanish

  6. Excited to connect to members of the local community

  7. Desire to help fulfill the vision of Kalu Yala, expressed here:

  8. Looking forward to living in a comfortable camp in the Panamanian jungle


  • $2,000 per month in salary, which is actually quite significant in Panama’s jungles

  • Bonus based on performance review

  • Room + Board in our tropical wilderness camp

  • 6 weeks paid vacation, accrued semesterly

Colorado – La Veta Farm to Table hiring Interns

La Veta, Colorado

La Veta Farm to Table is a business dedicated to the local good food movement in the beautiful, mountain town of La Veta in rural South Central Colorado.  Our biodynamic farm, Cucharas River Farm, uses “deep organic”, no-till, permaculture methods to grow vibrant, super nutritious produce, free-range chicken, ducks, geese, eggs and pastured pork.   Our farm to table restaurant “Cowgirl Cantina” serves up creative, delicious food from our farm and other local food producers and is a lively hangout for our community and visitors alike.  Our internship program is run by our non-profit Wahatoya Community Initiatives, and encompasses the whole food lifecycle from farm to table.  Interns learn all aspects of farming from farm and garden design, soiling building, seeding, sheet mulching, green house management, low tunnel hoops, to harvest, vegetable prep for market and our restaurant, seed saving and food preservation.  Interns also make value added farm products such as jam, pickles, sauerkraut, bread, cookies, teas; etc. for sale at our restaurant and the farmer’s market.  Interns also set-up and sell at our local farmer’s market. We call our project “love in action” as we work together to restore the earth through biodynamic agricultural practice, tapping into the universal wisdom that feeds the human body and spirit, increasing the health and well-being of the land, plants, animals and ourselves.  If you would like to make a difference in the world by participating in a new way of farming, living and serving the community that honors all life, we encourage you to join us for the 2017 season.

Intern candidates are self-motivated, community-oriented and would like to make sustainable farming or schooling and/or professional culinary arts experience.

We are looking for individuals who can make a contribution to this educational program by sharing skills and knowledge.  Hands-on farming and active participation in such areas as setting up and selling at the farmer’s market, teaching gardening and farming workshops, and preparing and serving Farm to Table meals is required. There are five internship positions available:

 Farm Manager Intern.  This candidate has lots of experience working on farms and would like to learn to run a market farm. The goal for this internship position is to ready the candidate to get a farm managers job or to run a farm of their own. This position has a monthly stipend.

 2 Farm Internship Positions      Experience a well-rounded education with an emphasis on the agricultural side of the farm to table movement.  By participating in the internship, the candidate will develop a deep understanding of the seasonal growing process and how that relates to the retail and table side of the farm to table movement.  This position does not include a stipend but interns receive tips from farm to table dinners and wedding events. There are opportunities to earn money by working at the restaurant

2 Culinary Internship Positions     Want to use your culinary skills to experience an authentic farm to table business?  Spend 3 days a week learning all about sustainable market farming and spend 2 days a week working in the restaurant and creating beautiful food for our farm to table events.  This position does not include a stipend but interns receive tips from farm to table events and working at the restaurant.  Interns can work extra hours at the restaurant to earn extra money.

Please see the full details for these internship positions on our web-site.

The internship begins April 10th ends October 31st, 2017.

Full room and board is provided.   Interns share a spacious four bedroom house on the farm and cook organic meals together or eat at the restaurant.  For more info or to apply, please go to and click on “Our Farm”.  We will take applications until all positions are filled.

New York – SPACE on Ryder Farm hiring Chefs

Brewster, New York

SPACE on Ryder Farm is seeking Chefs for our 2017 Season

SPACE on Ryder Farm, an artist residency program housed on a working 130-acre organic farm in Brewster, New York, is seeking to engage experienced chefs for a minimum of two consecutive workweeks during the course of the 2017 season, which runs June through December. 

Visit our website at to learn more! 

Overview of Chef Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and serve three meals a day to residents, interns, staff and guests (average meal serves 10-24 people. Weekly average budget of $900).
  •  Craft your own menu that meets the specifications of the dietary restrictions of residents, exhibits your own personal flair and incorporates SPACE’s farm-fresh brand (it is critical that ingredients from the farm are incorporated in all meals)
  • Prepare orders from purveyors, do grocery shopping, and visit farming operation for fresh ingredients for all meals prepared
  • Mentor the intern corps (who will assist you and function as sous chefs)
  • Maintain a clean and sanitary kitchen, pantry and fridge

Minimum Qualifications

  • Comfortable cooking for a variety of dietary restrictions including, but not limited to: vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, and carnivores alike
  • Minimum 1-year restaurant experience (FOH or BOH).
  • Comfortable with  farm-to-table style of cooking
  • An enthusiasm and passion for cooking and sharing food with large groups of people
  • Ability and interest in educating and mentoring the SPACE intern corps on meal planning and cooking

More about the position:

Compensation is $650.00 a week, payable according to all federal/state payroll practices. To Apply please email a letter of interest, résumé, two references and a three-day sample menu to 

SPACE on Ryder Farm is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer 

Colorado – Elkstone Farm hiring Farm Chef

Steamboat Springs, Colorado


About Us

Elkstone Farm is a permaculture-inspired produce farm, employing sustainable practices to raise our crops.  We’re dedicated to responsible stewardship of the land, contributing to our vibrant local community by providing top-quality produce and products from our farm, and sharing our knowledge and resources to inspire healthy living.  Located in northwest Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, near Steamboat Springs, we’re surrounded by national forests, world class skiing, and miles and miles of trails. Visit us at

Overall Responsibility

Primary responsibility is to incorporate farm produce into value-added products and baked goods for sale to retail and wholesale customers.  Additional responsibilities include development of recipes that utilize produce and value-added products and preparation of dishes for participants of farm tours. As farm explores possible development of agritourism opportunities, Chef’s input will be essential.

Key Areas of Responsibility

Food Production

  • Produce value-added items (e.g., fruit preserves, pickles, herb blends, crackers) following established recipes and formulas
  • Develop new recipes and formulas to utilize new or excess produce from the farm
  • Create and test farm-centered recipes for website, newsletters, and farm stand
  • Prepare food for summer farm tours
  • Assist Herbalist in creating and producing skin care products
  • Prepare staff lunches, as requested
  • Ensure safe food production by strictly adhering to food safety regulations and best practices

Kitchen Management

  • Maintain kitchen equipment and appliances on a regular basis
  • Communicate any equipment and building issues to Owner and Farm Manager
  • Manage the cleanliness of the kitchen, walk-in, storage area, and restroom
  • Order equipment and tools, as needed, for kitchen and Herbalist’s use

Inventory Management

  • Order and maintain par levels for ingredients
  • Maintain par levels and inventory records of value-added products

Record Keeping

  • Track cost of goods and food costs of items produced
  • Record weights of produce used in value-added products


  • Collaborate with Market Cultivator to source appropriate packaging and labels
  • Assist Market Cultivator with ordering packaging items
  • Package, label, and store the items produced


  • Forecast amounts/weights of produce needed for upcoming value-added products in order to provide input to Principal Grower on varieties of plants and volumes of production needed in kitchen
  • Work with Herbalist to set harvest needs to maintain the kitchen’s supply of herbs
  • Create the value-added portion of the annual budget for the upcoming year and track actual vs budgeted expenditures monthly
  • Work with Market Cultivator to evaluate existing product mix and develop new products


  • Work with Owner and Market Cultivator to develop an agritourism plan, e.g., culinary contribution to farm tours, cooking classes, and farm-to-table dinners

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Aid Principal Grower with bed preparation, planting, weeding, and harvesting, as needed and as time permits

Consults and Works Closely With

  • Owner
  • Market Cultivator
  • Principal Grower
  • Herbalist


  • Culinary Arts and/or Baking and Pastry Arts degree(s) preferred
  • Advanced experience in the following:
    • Food preservation, e.g. fruit preserves, pickles, salsa, and herb blends
    • Producing baked goods, especially breakfast pastries and naturally leavened breads
    • Producing body care products such as soap, scrubs, and lip balms
    • Recipe development and testing
  • Applied knowledge of culinary accounting
  • Better Process Control School (for low acid and acidified foods) certificate of completion before or shortly after hire
  • ServSafe Food Handler’s Certification or willingness to get certified
  • Basic computer skills: competency with Word and Excel

Personal Traits

  • Strong work ethic
  • Committed to high standard of quality
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Creative
  • Detail-oriented
  • High standards for kitchen maintenance
  • Comfortable working alone as well as working collaboratively with team
  • Good communicator
  • Upbeat and positive attitude

Term of Employment

  • Employment at will
  • Full-time, year-round, though hours may be lighter during several months of the winter


  • Hourly, amount depends on level of expertise and experience

Start Date

  • March 1-15, 2017

To Apply: Email your resume and cover letter to

New Hampshire – D Acres hiring Wellness & Culinary Specialist

Dorchester, New Hampshire

Wellness & Culinary Specialist

Here at D Acres, we are interested in more than just a cook. We are looking for an individual that can integrate and connect diet with a healthy lifestyle. By combining knowledge and experience in elements of nutrition, exercise, and personal care, we hope the wellness and culinary specialist can augment our community outreach capacity. Building on the basics of fresh whole food diet, the WC specialist has two avenues to explore; outdoor recreation and/or other wellness/holistic practice (yoga, reiki, massage etc)
The Farm to Table Cook at D Acres takes responsibility for the overall running of the kitchen, food preparation, related activities including regularly scheduled events, and special events, classes and meetings held on D Acres property. This person will be expected to understand the use of organically produced whole ingredients including herbs, vegetables, meats, etc. and will actively pursue new ideas and innovation in the use of seasonally and locally sourced food. We ask for excellent presentation skills, as we pride ourselves in our creations.
As a wellness specialist at D Acres, we are interested in a candidate with training and/or personal interest in nutrition and healthy recreation. An ideal candidate will have familiarity with healing arts including yoga, massage, or reiki as well as capacity to lead hiking, skiing and biking excursions. Certificates of training in wellness and holistic practices or outdoor education experience is helpful.

We are looking for someone that is willing to learn and accept new challenges. This position builds on the opportunities available at D Acres. While we are located in rural mountains of New Hampshire, we have extensive outreach capacity and strong history of public activities & events. We hope that a wellness culinary specialist can expand and diversify the community outreach beyond food to including healing arts and outdoor recreation. This person must have good communication skills, be open to new ideas and be comfortable in a team environment. Our goal is to be a farm where healthy food and lifestyle are practiced and demonstrated.

Qualifications & Experience:

While the candidate does not need to be a farmer/gardener, she/he will excel with more than basic knowledge of seasonal vegetable production.

Food industry experience is a must.


  • Maintain commercial kitchen space, including: utensils and equipment (industrial mixer, convection oven, small electrical appliances, sinks, pots and pans)
  • Yearly renewal of commercial kitchen license, Ensure Food Safety and Protocol
  • Work with Admin to create and design a D Acres Recipe and Cookbook.
  • Maintain and stock Pantry and Root Cellar
    • weekly restocking of pantry items
    • maintain cleanliness and orderliness in Pantry and Root Cellar space
  • Cooking Responsibilities
    • All Food Events (Monthly Potluck, Pizza Night, Farm Feast Breakfast, and other special events that may arise)
    • Coordinate prep and day of checklists for events; coordinate volunteers tasks
    • Delegate cooking responsibilities to others when necessary
  • Be willing to learn about and then make use of Cob Oven, Solar Cookers, and Wood Cook Stoves— and then to teach and encourage others to utilize these alternative cooking methods
  • Food Preservation: canning, fermentation, drying, freezing
  • Bread baking, and/or oversee others in bread baking
  • Meal Coordination
    • being aware of available leftovers and food for residents to prepare weekly meals
    • be available to give advice and point others to resources on what and how to prepare a meal, especially to those with little cooking experience for groups larger than four.
  • Workshops: teach/host food-related workshops e. g. Winemaking, Harvest/Preservation, Root Cellaring, Sauerkraut/Fermentation, Cooking with the Seasons monthly workshop

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Massachusetts – Cricket Creek hiring Head Cheese Maker

Williamstown, Massachusetts

Applications accepting on a rolling basis.  Start date: ASAP

We are looking for a head cheese maker at Cricket Creek Farm to work with the creamery manager and apprentices to make our several award winning cheeses.  

Cricket Creek Farm is a small grass-based dairy in Western Massachusetts. We make several award-winning cheeses from the milk of our herd of Brown Swiss and Jersey cows (currently milking about 25 cows). In addition to the cheese, we sell raw milk from our farm store. We also raise pigs and beef, and have an on-farm bakery. We make all our own hay for our cows that we feed out during the winter.

The head cheese maker must have experience making a variety of hard and soft cheeses, and experience in sanitation and maintenance of a creamery.  Work includes involvement in all aspects of running our farmstead creamery.

Job Description

  1. Overseeing the production of all the cheeses in our current repertoire (8 cheeses).
  2. Taking the lead on enforcing the maintenance and sanitation protocols.  This includes all equipment maintenance in the creamery.
  3. Teaching apprentices all facets of cheese making, both informally (during the work day) and also during “cheese school” on occasional afternoons.
  4. Troubleshoot recipes/inconsistencies with the products as needed and help apprentices refine their practices and work out problems with the cheeses as appropriate.
  5. Maintaining all required records, inventories, recipes, and data collected.
  6. Enforcing schedules, bringing an upbeat and positive attitude, being a leader on the farm.  We expect the person in this position to always be on time, always stick to a tight schedule, keep other people on track, and bring positive energy and enthusiasm to work every day.

We are located in Williamstown, MA – a small college town in the northern Berkshires. Williamstown has a great independent movie theater, the Clark Art museum, a wonderful theater festival in the summertime and several great restaurants. We are surrounded by preserved land with many hiking trails. Nearby is Mass MOCA, Tanglewood, and many lovely small towns. Williamstown is 3 hours from Boston and 3 1/2 hours from NYC.

Compensation: We provide a modest salary, some food, and possibly housing (to be determined).

Communication: Communication is of paramount importance here. We strive to create a work environment that is comfortable, open, clear, and honest for everyone. Every week we have a staff meeting, during which everyone sits down together to review the week and any upcoming news. During this meeting everyone shares personal highlights and difficulties of the previous week. It is also an opportunity to openly discuss any farm happenings.

Length of commitment: We are looking for at least a 2-year commitment, but ideally seeking a candidate that is interested in a long-term position.

Application process and timeline: We are hiring on a rolling basis. We highly encourage a visit from any serious applicant. We do have space available to house an applicant overnight, and a 2 to 3-day visit is ideal. Working and spending some time together will help let us determine whether you will be a good fit for the farm, and will help give you a better sense of us.

The first step is to answer the questions below and send us the responses along with a current resume, cover letter, and 3 references.  Reference letters are not required, but are helpful.  Based on the responses, we will contact you to set up a phone interview and potentially a visit.  Please send all application materials to or call (413) 458-5888 if you have questions. Continue reading