Colorado – Farmette Flowers hiring Field Intern

Lyons, Colorado

Farmette Flowers – Field Intern.

Apply at: by 2/15/18

Position duration: April 1st-October 31st, 2018, with opportunities for further employment.

 Who We Are

 We are a small flower farm and floral design studio in Lyons, CO. We operate on the property of the Lyons Farmette, an education center and wedding venue. We grow over 100 species of flowers for use in our wedding arrangements, our local grocery bouquets, and for our subscription bouquets. The farm is located in a small town that is home to two world-class music festivals and is only minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park and Boulder. We also grow herbs and vegetables for our on-farm dinners and for personal consumption. We have a little animal farm of goats, alpacas, and chickens. Between the two venues, we host 120 weddings per year, and provide flowers to about half those. It’s an incredibly beautiful place. Visit and to learn more.

 This Position

 Learn to farm flowers. You will work closely with Helen to sow seed, transplant seedlings, make compost and compost tea, prepare beds, and weed plants. You will learn harvest and post-harvest handling techniques, make market and subscription bouquets, wash lots of buckets, and support the design team in setting up weddings. If your are interested in wedding floral design, there are opportunities for studio work as well. Live in a restored Airstream trailer on our quiet farm, with access to our communal vegetable garden and eggs from our chickens, learn beekeeping if you are so inclined, plus get as much goat and alpaca love as you can handle.  Live in Lyons, home of 2 world-class music festivals, close to Rocky Mountain National Park and Boulder.

 We are open about all aspects of our business to our interns, from planning the season, to planting and seed-starting, compost-making and our irrigation system, to marketing, interviewing brides, and bookkeeping. We tutor you throughout the season on how to grow and arrange flowers. We are happy to work with you on any college credit you may need. The farm is also home to many homesteading and DIY classes, from kimchi and sauerkraut making to spinning and knitting to cooking to chicken-keeping.

 Basic Qualifications

 Field interns must:

  1. Be available for the entire growing season, April 1st through October 31st.
  2. Be able to work 40 hours per week across 5 work days
  3. Have interest in and previous experience working with plants – preferably, you are a passionate caretaker of living things.
  4. Be able to bend over, squat down, lift up to 50 lbs, work quickly and efficiently, and work in hot or cold conditions. This is a physical, outdoor job, and work can be strenuous and uncomfortable at times.
  5. Be able to wake up early. We often start our day at 6AM in the hotter months.
  6. Be willing to learn. Flowers are complicated and demanding to grow, and we grow over 100 species, each with their own peculiarities.


 $800/month plus housing. One adorable refurbished Airstream trailer is offered to interns for housing, along with our outdoor kitchen and indoor bathrooms and showers.

 No meals are provided, but you have free access to our eggs and veggies.


Colorado – Shadowcliff Mountain Lodge hiring Seasonal Chef

Grand Lake, Colorado

Eco Lodge Seeks Seasonal Chef

Shadowcliff Mountain Lodge is a nonprofit educational lodge and retreat center located at 8,400 feet of elevation in heart of the Rocky Mountains in Grand Lake, Colorado. We believe that connection and renewal are essential to the health of the human spirit, and we bring that to the world through our mission of operating an eco-mountain sanctuary where together we are creating a climate for a restorative world.

Shadowcliff’s Compassionate Kitchen is not a restaurant, but a commercial kitchen where we provide nutritious and delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners to our workshop groups of 15-40 persons and our staff.

Our Chef will plan menus to make the best use of seasonal and local foods, work with vendors and suppliers in food purchasing, train and direct rotating kitchen assistants, educate our staff and guests on our Compassionate Kitchen philosophy. Prior experience in these areas is essential. Our Chef will be experienced in a variety of styles of food preparation, including experience with vegetarian, vegan and other specialized diets.

Our Chef will be knowledgeable about Colorado food service and kitchen operation laws and regulations, and will be responsible for assuring compliance with applicable kitchen health and safety regulations.

Shadowcliff is a seasonal operation, commencing in mid-May and running through the end of our season which is anticipated to be around October 1, 2017. Please visit our employment page to learn more about the job, our Compassionate Kitchen page to learn more about our thoughts on food, and Our Story to learn more about who we are. Thanks so much!

Colorado – La Veta Farm to Table hiring Farm Manager

La Veta, Colorado

La Veta Farm to Table Seeks Year Round Farm Manager

La Veta Farm to Table is a business dedicated to the local good food movement in the beautiful, mountain town of La Veta in rural South Central Colorado.  We are looking for a farm manager for our new 2.5 acre biodynamic farm that uses biodynamic, “deep organic”, no-till, permaculture methods to grow vibrant, super nutritious produce, free-range chicken, eggs, ducks and pastured pork.   The farm supports our popular farm to table restaurant, “Cowgirl Cantina” where we prepare and serve creative, delicious food.  We call our project “love in action” and we have been instrumental in creating a thriving local food movement in our area.   Our mission is to restore the earth and culture through biodynamic agricultural practices by tapping into the universal wisdom that feeds the human body and spirit, increasing the health and well-being of the land, plants, animals, ourselves and our community.

Our goals for the 2017 season are to provide 80% of all the food for our café from our farm, create a 30 member CSA (we have had a 50 member CSA in the past), and to have a successful market stand at our local farmer’s market.  The farm manager is responsible for running all aspects of the farm, CSA and farmer’s market stand.  In the past the farm was run by interns that we trained through our Farm to Table Educational Internship Program, which the farm manager can continue to offer, as the budget does not include any other paid farm workers.   A WOOFER program could also be implemented if the farm manager wishes.  There is ample housing for interns or WOOFERS in the 4 bedroom farm house and we always have an abundance of good food!  This is also an ideal opportunity for a couple or a  couple of friends.

Our ideal farm manager has been is familiar with deep organic and permaculture principles, wants to have a biodynamic market farm of their own one day, has at least two years’ experience growing produce for market, has a some experience in raising poultry and pork and has a passion to make a difference in the world by farming, living and serving the community with a consciousness that honors all life.  Compensation package includes a salary and farm-based profit sharing, plus all living expenses including the 4 bedroom farm house that could be shared with woofers or interns, all utilities, internet and food from our farm and café.   This is a year-round position with a April 15th start date.  To apply, please complete the application at and click on “Our Farm”.

Colorado – La Veta Farm to Table hiring Interns

La Veta, Colorado

La Veta Farm to Table is a business dedicated to the local good food movement in the beautiful, mountain town of La Veta in rural South Central Colorado.  Our biodynamic farm, Cucharas River Farm, uses “deep organic”, no-till, permaculture methods to grow vibrant, super nutritious produce, free-range chicken, ducks, geese, eggs and pastured pork.   Our farm to table restaurant “Cowgirl Cantina” serves up creative, delicious food from our farm and other local food producers and is a lively hangout for our community and visitors alike.  Our internship program is run by our non-profit Wahatoya Community Initiatives, and encompasses the whole food lifecycle from farm to table.  Interns learn all aspects of farming from farm and garden design, soiling building, seeding, sheet mulching, green house management, low tunnel hoops, to harvest, vegetable prep for market and our restaurant, seed saving and food preservation.  Interns also make value added farm products such as jam, pickles, sauerkraut, bread, cookies, teas; etc. for sale at our restaurant and the farmer’s market.  Interns also set-up and sell at our local farmer’s market. We call our project “love in action” as we work together to restore the earth through biodynamic agricultural practice, tapping into the universal wisdom that feeds the human body and spirit, increasing the health and well-being of the land, plants, animals and ourselves.  If you would like to make a difference in the world by participating in a new way of farming, living and serving the community that honors all life, we encourage you to join us for the 2017 season.

Intern candidates are self-motivated, community-oriented and would like to make sustainable farming or schooling and/or professional culinary arts experience.

We are looking for individuals who can make a contribution to this educational program by sharing skills and knowledge.  Hands-on farming and active participation in such areas as setting up and selling at the farmer’s market, teaching gardening and farming workshops, and preparing and serving Farm to Table meals is required. There are five internship positions available:

 Farm Manager Intern.  This candidate has lots of experience working on farms and would like to learn to run a market farm. The goal for this internship position is to ready the candidate to get a farm managers job or to run a farm of their own. This position has a monthly stipend.

 2 Farm Internship Positions      Experience a well-rounded education with an emphasis on the agricultural side of the farm to table movement.  By participating in the internship, the candidate will develop a deep understanding of the seasonal growing process and how that relates to the retail and table side of the farm to table movement.  This position does not include a stipend but interns receive tips from farm to table dinners and wedding events. There are opportunities to earn money by working at the restaurant

2 Culinary Internship Positions     Want to use your culinary skills to experience an authentic farm to table business?  Spend 3 days a week learning all about sustainable market farming and spend 2 days a week working in the restaurant and creating beautiful food for our farm to table events.  This position does not include a stipend but interns receive tips from farm to table events and working at the restaurant.  Interns can work extra hours at the restaurant to earn extra money.

Please see the full details for these internship positions on our web-site.

The internship begins April 10th ends October 31st, 2017.

Full room and board is provided.   Interns share a spacious four bedroom house on the farm and cook organic meals together or eat at the restaurant.  For more info or to apply, please go to and click on “Our Farm”.  We will take applications until all positions are filled.

Colorado – Elkstone Farm hiring Farm Chef

Steamboat Springs, Colorado


About Us

Elkstone Farm is a permaculture-inspired produce farm, employing sustainable practices to raise our crops.  We’re dedicated to responsible stewardship of the land, contributing to our vibrant local community by providing top-quality produce and products from our farm, and sharing our knowledge and resources to inspire healthy living.  Located in northwest Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, near Steamboat Springs, we’re surrounded by national forests, world class skiing, and miles and miles of trails. Visit us at

Overall Responsibility

Primary responsibility is to incorporate farm produce into value-added products and baked goods for sale to retail and wholesale customers.  Additional responsibilities include development of recipes that utilize produce and value-added products and preparation of dishes for participants of farm tours. As farm explores possible development of agritourism opportunities, Chef’s input will be essential.

Key Areas of Responsibility

Food Production

  • Produce value-added items (e.g., fruit preserves, pickles, herb blends, crackers) following established recipes and formulas
  • Develop new recipes and formulas to utilize new or excess produce from the farm
  • Create and test farm-centered recipes for website, newsletters, and farm stand
  • Prepare food for summer farm tours
  • Assist Herbalist in creating and producing skin care products
  • Prepare staff lunches, as requested
  • Ensure safe food production by strictly adhering to food safety regulations and best practices

Kitchen Management

  • Maintain kitchen equipment and appliances on a regular basis
  • Communicate any equipment and building issues to Owner and Farm Manager
  • Manage the cleanliness of the kitchen, walk-in, storage area, and restroom
  • Order equipment and tools, as needed, for kitchen and Herbalist’s use

Inventory Management

  • Order and maintain par levels for ingredients
  • Maintain par levels and inventory records of value-added products

Record Keeping

  • Track cost of goods and food costs of items produced
  • Record weights of produce used in value-added products


  • Collaborate with Market Cultivator to source appropriate packaging and labels
  • Assist Market Cultivator with ordering packaging items
  • Package, label, and store the items produced


  • Forecast amounts/weights of produce needed for upcoming value-added products in order to provide input to Principal Grower on varieties of plants and volumes of production needed in kitchen
  • Work with Herbalist to set harvest needs to maintain the kitchen’s supply of herbs
  • Create the value-added portion of the annual budget for the upcoming year and track actual vs budgeted expenditures monthly
  • Work with Market Cultivator to evaluate existing product mix and develop new products


  • Work with Owner and Market Cultivator to develop an agritourism plan, e.g., culinary contribution to farm tours, cooking classes, and farm-to-table dinners

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Aid Principal Grower with bed preparation, planting, weeding, and harvesting, as needed and as time permits

Consults and Works Closely With

  • Owner
  • Market Cultivator
  • Principal Grower
  • Herbalist


  • Culinary Arts and/or Baking and Pastry Arts degree(s) preferred
  • Advanced experience in the following:
    • Food preservation, e.g. fruit preserves, pickles, salsa, and herb blends
    • Producing baked goods, especially breakfast pastries and naturally leavened breads
    • Producing body care products such as soap, scrubs, and lip balms
    • Recipe development and testing
  • Applied knowledge of culinary accounting
  • Better Process Control School (for low acid and acidified foods) certificate of completion before or shortly after hire
  • ServSafe Food Handler’s Certification or willingness to get certified
  • Basic computer skills: competency with Word and Excel

Personal Traits

  • Strong work ethic
  • Committed to high standard of quality
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Creative
  • Detail-oriented
  • High standards for kitchen maintenance
  • Comfortable working alone as well as working collaboratively with team
  • Good communicator
  • Upbeat and positive attitude

Term of Employment

  • Employment at will
  • Full-time, year-round, though hours may be lighter during several months of the winter


  • Hourly, amount depends on level of expertise and experience

Start Date

  • March 1-15, 2017

To Apply: Email your resume and cover letter to