Massachusetts – Medway Community Farm hiring Farm Manager

Medway, Massachusetts

Medway Community Farm began with a vision of healthy local food, community connections, and food education. MCF is a not-for-profit section 501(c)3 organization, cultivating 6+ acres of Town of Medway land on three fields. Through the generosity of our community in support of our events, purchases at our farm stand, and participation in our three seasons of CSA shares program, our mission is sustained and our community expands.

Mission: To maintain a place that enhances Medway’s rural character, fosters community spirit and encourages “learning from the land” by providing locally grown food, volunteer experiences, educational programming, and public events.

Medway Community Farm – Farm Manager Position, Medway MA

The Farm Manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of production, developing, and executing the Farm Operations Plan. The Farm Manager provides leadership to Assistant Farm Manager, Growers, and seasonal farm staff, maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for the team and community. The Farm Manager is a steward to the land and facilities, fostering a productive farm that nurtures the surrounding ecosystem and the people who work at and visit the site. The Farm Manager works with the Education Coordinator on education programs and outreach as well as identifying and implementing opportunities to serve the local community, aligned with the Medway Community Farm Mission and Goals, in coordination with the Board of Directors.

Full time 1-year contract offering competitive salary, Vacation/Holiday Time off, Health Insurance Stipend, and on-site housing (reduced rent).

Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for farm operations including yield, production schedules, equipment, and employee supervision.
  • Supervises and participates in daily farm operations that include: machinery operation, soil preparation, planting, irrigation, cultivating, harvesting, and storing of hay and other forage crops.
  • Recruit, hire, and directly manage seasonal field staff.
  • Organizes, schedules, assigns, and reviews the work of assigned farm employees.
  • Develops and implements safe work methods and procedures of all phases of farm operations and ensure compliance with all related safety regulations, including review of facilities and equipment.
  • Conducts orientation and training sessions for farm workers, students, and volunteers at the farm.
  • Perform basic maintenance and improvements on farm infrastructure, facilities, and equipment.
  • Assist field crew in planting, weeding, pruning, and harvesting crops, and fill in as needed.
  • Provide animal care, including safe environments for community visits and education programming.
  • Develops long-term and short-term plans for the farm operations and CSA plans and recommends changes and improvements in farm operations, staffing, facilities, and equipment.
  • Contribute to the farm business planning by providing expertise on farm enterprises including cropping systems, varieties, volumes, inputs, and capital investments
  • Implements currently developed annual budget and makes requisitions for supplies and equipment as needed, and prepares succeeding year’s plan.
  • Maintains records on farm activities, production, and budget expenditures and provides fiscal reports, working with Board Treasurer on a regular basis.
  • Support overall operations as a member of the farm leadership team through active participation in meetings, reports, proactive communication, and collaboration with the Board of D
  • Partners where appropriate with Education Coordinator on student activities as part of their educational program.
  • Coordinates the use of farm facilities for special events, tours, and film crews.
  • Develops and maintains strong relationships with shareholders, vendors, and the community.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.

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Virginia – Allegheny Mountain Institute hiring Farm Manager

Staunton, Virginia

POSITION TITLE:  Allegheny Farm Manager (AFM)

MISSION:  Allegheny Mountain Institute (AMI) is a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit organization that cultivates healthy communities through food and education.


Reporting to the AMI Executive Director, the AFM is responsible for most operational aspects of the Allegheny Farm.


The AFM is a full-time, exempt position at our Highland County Campus.  Work hours may fluctuate and are dependent on the time of year and organizational needs (preparation at the beginning of the season and end of season, for instance). Education of the broader community is a key component of Allegheny Mountain Institute, and a competitive applicant will have an interest in this area.  All of our work is rooted in organic, regenerative agricultural practices, so the AFM should have a deep philosophical and operational agreement with such methods.


Agricultural / Animal

  • Responsible for the organic, sustainable management of all operational aspects of the AMI agricultural and meat production including:  plant propagation, cultivation, succession planting, pest and nutrient management, harvesting, processing, distribution, quality and quantity control, organic orchard management, and animal husbandry (including poultry, apiary operations, and future bovine, swine, caprine, ovine and dairy operations).
  • Develop, establish and maintain the nourishment and health of the soil food web of AMI gardens to promote the health and vitality of the food we produce.
  • Manage and directly supervise the Lead Gardener.
  • Manage greenhouse propagation of seeds and starts.
  • Manage and develop crop rotation for season extension in the high tunnels.
  • Orchard management, including the establishment, pest protection, and plant guild selection of orchard and berry crops.
  • Manage mulching and weed control, including procurement of input materials.
  • Maintain garden tools and equipment storage; keep inventory and maintenance records.
  • Develop and maintain livestock facility as needed including grazing systems, fence and gate moving and repair, and water management.
  • Develop, establish, maintain healthy pasture management, disease control, and animal rotation.
  • Perform grass cutting and weed eating around gardens and orchards.
  • Invasive weed (Autumn Olive, Thistle) eradication, coordinated with Allegheny Farm Caretaker.

Facilities & General Management

  • Provide regular garden set up and maintenance, including:
  • Irrigation systems.
    Inspections and managing repairs of all farm infrastructure; garden fences; rodent control.
    Plan and implement an efficient, working composting system for garden and orchard use.
    Provide regular operational farm maintenance, including:
  • Water system inspections; report to Allegheny Caretaker if issues arise.
    General overseeing of operational facilities, including inspections and managing repairs of buildings and farm infrastructure.
    Manage High Tunnel / Greenhouse integrity and heating/cooling and ventilation systems.
    Fixing items or overseeing repairs done by others.
    Maintain Farm vehicle and equipment maintenance records.   The Farm Caretaker will be responsible for maintaining vehicles and equipment while the Allegheny Farm Manager will maintain record keeping for farm vehicle and equipment maintenance.
  • Research equipment purchase and schedule delivery or pick up as needed.
  • Assist in heavy lifting/moving as needed.
  • Provide regular waste removal from the Allegheny Farm.
  • Ensure high standard of cleanliness, neatness and order on the Allegheny Farm.
  • Establish processes for upkeep of pantries, cold storage, root cellars, and feed rooms to ensure appropriate temperatures / humidities, and the vitality, safety and quantities of foodstuffs to meet requirements.
  • Establish best practices and processes for the Allegheny Farm record keeping systems.
  • Manage budget for Farm expenditures, including ordering, purchasing, and maintaining records.
  • Manage and mentor Fellows on farm-related work and educational opportunities during Phase I of the Fellowship.
  • Meet with AMI staff team, once per week to review and plan assignments. Work closely and collaboratively with the AMI Education Director to ensure proactive guidance and supervision of Phase I Fellows and the learning environment.
  • Work in collaboration with Allegheny Farm Caretaker on routine maintenance needs of farm and equipment and with the AMI Farm Operations Committee on big picture strategic plans and needs of Allegheny Farm.
  • Perform administrative tasks essential to the smooth operation of the farm.
  • Participate in Open Houses, public visits and educational outreach events as needed.

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California – Oz Farm hiring Farm Manager

Point Area, California


Farm Manager

Oz Farm & Retreat Center

Full Time Position

Oz Farm is seeking a full time Farm Manager for our certified organic, 10-acre mixed fruit and vegetable education based farm.

Oz Farm is a 240-acre farm and retreat center on the Mendocino Coast, 130 miles north of San Francisco.  Oz is home to a 10-acre farm & orchard, an 8-month farm apprenticeship program, rustic facilities for retreats & events, a small community, and is completely off-grid.

Job Summary

The Farm Manager manages all aspects of food production and apprenticeship education.  This is a full time position. This position reports to the Director of Operations.

Experience, Qualifications, and Skills

  1. At least three years of experience as a manager of food, flower, and herb production on a farm scale
  2. Commitment to organic farming practices and philosophies with comprehensive knowledge of small scale, sustainable farming practices and synergy between food systems, social justice, and the natural world
  3. Knowledge of maintaining soil health, irrigation systems, composting, pest and weed control etc.
  4. Familiarity with adhering to CCOF rules and regulations
  5. Experience managing and educating apprentices
  6. Excellent interpersonal skills involving clear communication, time management, prioritizing, and delegating
  7. Ability to be self-motivated and self-managing and to work both independently and collectively
  8. Clean DMV record
  9. Excellent record-keeping skills and computer literacy where necessary
  10. Passion for Oz Farm’s mission and work to educate apprentices, grow food for our community, and provide a beautiful space for retreats and events

Primary Responsibilities of the Job

  1. Manage and coordinate all aspects of work within the farm
  2. Manage and coordinate crop planning, greenhouse production, field maintenance & harvest
  3. Co-Coordinate and supervise Farm Apprentices from March- November
  4. Co-Educate and inform Farm Apprentices on farm curriculum through discussion sessions and hands on demonstrations to teach farming and garden techniques
  5. Update educational curriculum to keep Apprenticeship program current with best farm practices
  6. Collect data and documentation to track performance measures and meet the standards of organic certification
  7. Manage the farm’s budget and finances
  8. Manage produce and apple accounts through the organization of orders, harvests, invoicing, and deliveries
  9. Oversee the maintenance of irrigation systems and manage equipment and infrastructure
  10. Coordinate with retreats and events for produce orders
  11. Participate in weekly Oz Farm staff meetings when appropriate
  12. To be flexible with the tasks required for the business, depending on the needs of Oz Farm, which may include tasks other than those related strictly to Job Description

 Physical Requirements of the Job

  1. Employee must be able to do physical farm work including harvesting, hoeing, stake pounding, and digging
  2. Drive and operate farm vehicles, tractors, and small machines
  3. Ability to lift up to 60lbs
  4. Handle use of tools and machinery

Responsibility of Community Member

  1. Participate in weekly staff meetings
  2. Abide by all Oz Farm Policies & Protocol
  3. Participate in cooking rotation
  4. Respect & care for communal spaces


  1. Compensation of this position is commensurate with experience beginning Salary is $20,000 per year
  2. 6 hours paid sick leave and 2 weeks vacation in the slow season.
  3. On- Site private 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, cabin with full kitchen, storage, and car access
  4. Oz provides bulk staple foods and produce from the farm
  5. Staff can participate in Oz Farm courses and events free of charge and use the Oz farm facilities

To Apply

 Please refer to for background on Oz Farm and our programs.

We are accepting applications until position is filled.  Estimated start date for the job is early January.

Qualified applicants should email a cover letter, resume, and list of current references to with the subject “Farm Manager Position”

Please email with any questions of inquiries regarding this position.  Thank you.

Massachusetts – Norwell Farms hiring Vegetable Farmer

Norwell, Massachusetts

Seeking an Organic Vegetable Farmer at Norwell Farms

Our History

Norwell Farms is a 501c(3) non-profit community farm in Norwell, MA, a small town located about 25 miles south of Boston. We have a license from the Town of Norwell to farm on 7 acres at the Historic Jacobs Farm, and we are in our 8th year of operation. The nonprofit organization of Norwell Farms runs community events and educational programs at the farm and supports local organizations and food pantries to address food insecurity.

Opportunity Description

Norwell Farms is seeking an experienced, organic vegetable farmer who shares our vision to build a small-scale, organic, market garden at Jacobs Farm. In this model, the farmer might grow only higher value crops for two or three markets (e.g. CSA, Farm Stand, Wholesale), with the goal of obtaining higher yields per acre through building soils with compost and other amendments, reducing tillage, maximizing plantings per bed, and controlling weeds.

The vegetable farmer will have the advantage of starting with an established farm operation and “Norwell Farms” brand, which has become a household name in our surrounding South Shore community. Norwell Farms currently serves 100+/- member vegetable CSA, a farm stand, and wholesale accounts. In addition, our social media presence has grown to over 2,500 followers on Facebook and has over  ~1,300 newsletter subscribers.

At Norwell Farms, we have access to a historic barn for storage and distribution and other key infrastructure, including:

  • 10×10 ft. walk-in cooler
  • 26×72 ft. heated greenhouse with ventilation
  • Dodge van & storage for equipment
  • Existing CSA and market supplies
  • Two private wells and irrigation equipment

Role of the Vegetable Farmer:

  • Develop and implement a farm plan for a financially sustainable, organic vegetable farm operation with the goal of serving up to 100+ member Summer CSA and 30+ member Fall CSA, and seasonal farm stand hours
  • Partner with Norwell Farms Non-Profit Organization to achieve our goals by:
    • Providing vegetable donations in support of our food insecurity programs,
    • Maintaining the learning garden during the growing season in support of our educational programming,
    • Participating in community events in support of our mission to connect the community to the land, and
    • Maintaining the farm’s year-round appearance in support of our commitment to stewardship of the land and in compliance with town requirements.
  • Cooperate with the other stakeholders of Norwell Farms (e.g. Non-Profit, town officials, etc.)
  • Provide own primary tillage/cultivating equipment
  • Maintain appropriate insurance coverage


  • 5+ years organic, vegetable crop production
  • Understanding of whole-farm planning, crop rotation, soil enhancement methods, and general ecological principles
  • Experience running and maintaining farm vehicles, equipment, irrigation, and greenhouses
  • Ability to lift 50 lbs.
  • Eagerness to partner with the non-profit arm of Norwell Farms
  • Previous experience running a CSA and hiring and managing farm staff preferred
  • Previous experience or interest in building a small scale, intensive farming operation

Salary and Benefits:

Farmer should consider their compensation and build it into their budget to be submitted with the farm plan.

How to Apply:

Please submit a resume, interest letter, and three references to:

Norwell Farms, attn: Mari Creatini, P.O. Box 5434, Norwell, MA  02061


Ohio – Gorman Heritage Farm hiring Manager

Cincinnati, Ohio

Gorman Heritage Farm ​Crops, Grounds & Facilities Manager Application
Job Description
Job​ ​Title:​ ​Crops, Grounds & Facilities Manager
Reports​ ​to:​ ​Executive Director
Category:​ ​Full time
Classification​: Non-exempt
Beginning​ ​Pay​ ​Scale:​ $30,000 – $35,000 annually, depending on experience, plus benefits


Plans, budgets, implements and evaluates the crop production programs of Gorman Heritage Farm working in collaboration with other GHF staff and the Land Use Committee. Manages crop production, use and sales. Manages Farmyard volunteers. Maintains grounds and facilities in conjunction with the Land Use Committee and volunteers. Supports the Gorman Heritage Farm mission, promotes membership and acts as an advocate for GHF.

Job​ ​Responsibilities

Create, manage and document annual and long range plans for crop production and orchard. Select crops appropriate for educational purposes, market, animal feed, pastures, and bedding. Plant, irrigate, tend, harvest, utilize on Farm and sell crops each season.
Work to replenish soil/maintain soil health through use of cover crops, on-farm compost and crop rotation.
Responsible for grounds maintenance of Gorman Heritage Farm including moving, trimming and snow
removal as needed.
Responsible for maintenance of buildings, fences and other structures in farmyard.
Annual and monthly program budgeting. Responsible for achieving budgeted revenues and maintaining
Assure compliance with standards for safety, best practices and overall aesthetics of fields, trails, grounds and
Work with Livestock Manager to assure pastures are suitable for grazing.
Provide education as needed for GHF school groups, tours, summer camps, adult education, visitors, exhibits
and demonstrations. Collaborate with Education and Program Managers assuring that the farm offers
exemplary adult, family and children’s educational programs and workshops.
Supervise volunteers (including AmeriCorps, volunteers, interns or stipend workers) working in the fields.
Attend weekly Farmyard meetings and monthly Land Use Committee meetings
Represent Gorman Heritage Farm with environmental, agricultural, and educational organizations both locally
and nationally. Stay up to date on current trends and new developments in the field.
Other duties as assigned

At least 5 years experience required. Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree is a plus.
Collaborative leadership style and strong team player.
Strong oral communication skills. Fun personality. Proficient in public speaking.
Ability to work with and teach a variety of ages.
Computer skills required but not limited to: Google Suite.
Nonprofit experience preferred but not required.
Physical​ ​demands​

This position requires very strenuous physical activities. The work is performed both indoors and outdoors in all kinds of weather.

Equipment​ ​operated​

Tractors, cultivator, baler, manure spreader, combine and other farm equipment as well as zero turn mower, hand tools, copier, telephone, and other equipment found in office, farm and teaching environment.

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Pennsylvania – Old School Farm hiring Farm Manager


Bio-diverse organic farm in Northeastern Pennsylvania is looking for a multi-talented individual to run a 50 acre farm with 1 acre under cultivation. Focus will be on managing two seasonal interns, maintaining property, and growing vegetable crops for wood-fired pizza events from May – October (we have someone to manage the pizza nights) House provided in the town of Honesdale – 10 minutes from farm. Housing in farmhouse on site during summer is possible.  Work to start in Feb/Mar or possibly sooner for the right candidate. Please send resume and cover letter to   Learn more at  Compensation negotiable