Lokelani ‘Ohana hiring CSA Farmer

Maui, Hawaii

Community Initiative Seeks CSA Farmer

Lokelani ‘Ohana, a Maui based initiative in the Camphill movement, is seeking a mature co-worker with experience in farming.  Your work would be 90% on the farm and 10% working with adults with disabilities in our programs. Not a requirement, but they hope to welcome someone with experience working with biodynamic farming and a CSA who would work with others to oversee the farm. The farm is small but things grow all year and very fast in Hawaii!

Tasks will include

1. Management of vegetable planning, growing and harvesting

2. Oversight and maintenance of the irrigation system

3. Removal of invasive species (cane, pokey week, etc)

4. Harvesting, washing and boxing of produce

5. Maintaining soil health & fertility through the use biodynamic preparations and liquid fertilizers Continue reading