California – Oz Farm hiring Farm Manager

Point Area, California


Farm Manager

Oz Farm & Retreat Center

Full Time Position

Oz Farm is seeking a full time Farm Manager for our certified organic, 10-acre mixed fruit and vegetable education based farm.

Oz Farm is a 240-acre farm and retreat center on the Mendocino Coast, 130 miles north of San Francisco.  Oz is home to a 10-acre farm & orchard, an 8-month farm apprenticeship program, rustic facilities for retreats & events, a small community, and is completely off-grid.

Job Summary

The Farm Manager manages all aspects of food production and apprenticeship education.  This is a full time position. This position reports to the Director of Operations.

Experience, Qualifications, and Skills

  1. At least three years of experience as a manager of food, flower, and herb production on a farm scale
  2. Commitment to organic farming practices and philosophies with comprehensive knowledge of small scale, sustainable farming practices and synergy between food systems, social justice, and the natural world
  3. Knowledge of maintaining soil health, irrigation systems, composting, pest and weed control etc.
  4. Familiarity with adhering to CCOF rules and regulations
  5. Experience managing and educating apprentices
  6. Excellent interpersonal skills involving clear communication, time management, prioritizing, and delegating
  7. Ability to be self-motivated and self-managing and to work both independently and collectively
  8. Clean DMV record
  9. Excellent record-keeping skills and computer literacy where necessary
  10. Passion for Oz Farm’s mission and work to educate apprentices, grow food for our community, and provide a beautiful space for retreats and events

Primary Responsibilities of the Job

  1. Manage and coordinate all aspects of work within the farm
  2. Manage and coordinate crop planning, greenhouse production, field maintenance & harvest
  3. Co-Coordinate and supervise Farm Apprentices from March- November
  4. Co-Educate and inform Farm Apprentices on farm curriculum through discussion sessions and hands on demonstrations to teach farming and garden techniques
  5. Update educational curriculum to keep Apprenticeship program current with best farm practices
  6. Collect data and documentation to track performance measures and meet the standards of organic certification
  7. Manage the farm’s budget and finances
  8. Manage produce and apple accounts through the organization of orders, harvests, invoicing, and deliveries
  9. Oversee the maintenance of irrigation systems and manage equipment and infrastructure
  10. Coordinate with retreats and events for produce orders
  11. Participate in weekly Oz Farm staff meetings when appropriate
  12. To be flexible with the tasks required for the business, depending on the needs of Oz Farm, which may include tasks other than those related strictly to Job Description

 Physical Requirements of the Job

  1. Employee must be able to do physical farm work including harvesting, hoeing, stake pounding, and digging
  2. Drive and operate farm vehicles, tractors, and small machines
  3. Ability to lift up to 60lbs
  4. Handle use of tools and machinery

Responsibility of Community Member

  1. Participate in weekly staff meetings
  2. Abide by all Oz Farm Policies & Protocol
  3. Participate in cooking rotation
  4. Respect & care for communal spaces


  1. Compensation of this position is commensurate with experience beginning Salary is $20,000 per year
  2. 6 hours paid sick leave and 2 weeks vacation in the slow season.
  3. On- Site private 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, cabin with full kitchen, storage, and car access
  4. Oz provides bulk staple foods and produce from the farm
  5. Staff can participate in Oz Farm courses and events free of charge and use the Oz farm facilities

To Apply

 Please refer to for background on Oz Farm and our programs.

We are accepting applications until position is filled.  Estimated start date for the job is early January.

Qualified applicants should email a cover letter, resume, and list of current references to with the subject “Farm Manager Position”

Please email with any questions of inquiries regarding this position.  Thank you.


Mariri Jungle Lodge hiring Domestic Guru


Hi everyone! Hope you are all good and enjoying life, or finding your strength if you are going through tough moments.

Im writing to you all to see if anyone is interested in this job offer or might know someone who is.

At the moment im living in a jungle lodge in the center of Brazil. It’s a healing center, 13 km into the jungle from the nearest town called Alto Paraiso de Goias.

Surrounded by a portal, with the land full of quartz, a natural water spring (from where we take the water we drink, bath, and swim, WATER FROM FIRST HAND! Amazing to have this quality of life J ) Jungle all around, a family of 30 monkeys, agrofloresta, many birds and all sorts of animals! The land is turning into an reserve area!we are doing our best to make that happen so we can protect the jungle and its wildlife for ever ❤

This house in the middle of the jungle, also works as an Airbnb. We have some rooms to rent out, a bamboo chalet and 2 tree houses. One at 25mts and and the other one at 10 mts! With stunning views from the cerrado ❤

We have permacultural gardens and agrofloresta going on as well!

We receive guests, but we are trying to focus more on retreats of all sorts. Yoga, meditation, dance, art, healing therapies and medicines.

We are also receiving volunteers and woofers from all around the world, which gives an interesting and fun diversity of people.

Mariri Jungle Lodge also works as an art residency, so again, artists from all over come to use this space as a location for their selfdirected projects.

Have a look in the website so u can a have a feel of what the place is about. And pics don’t even show the real beauty of it!

We are looking for a person which we call our Domestic Guru. This position is available to start ASAP.

Its basically a cleaning position, of the house and rooms for rent. Together with feeding our pets, birds and taking care of the garden

We are looking for someone from our tribe. Who has interest in permaculture, agroflorestry, conscious, nature lover, willing to have a change of life or continue with it if you are already on that path

This space gives you the chance to live IN NATURE, to breath pure air , drink pure water. Learn from agroflorestry and permaculture, be in contact with travelers and artisit from all over the world. Have a sauna session once in a while after a long day of work. Swimming in pure water. Making yoga, and free time for you to develop your own projects.

So if you are interested or know someone who might be pleaaaaaaaase pass this on!!!

This position would be a long term job, minimum of 6 months, preferably 1 year.

Here is the job description

We are looking for a long term cleaner, our Domestic Guru

This position will be as a work exchange plus a Brazilian salary.


This role includes cooking, cleaning, washing, juicing, preparing the property and accommodation spaces for guests and generally ensuring the property maintains it’s fresh, clean, creative, and unique vibe.

May also include some planting and caring for our veggie and herb garden.

Practical support with retreats and general assistance for the project coordinators.

Best suited to someone with an open and flexible attitude. Preferably a driver and should speak English. If Portuguese spoken big plus…willing to learn the local language.


Both positions may also be required to help host and manage WWOOFERS (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) and visitors/guests to the property in the absence of the main coordinators.


Additional Requirements

-We require you to be available and willing to stay on the land to provide the owner with the flexibility to be away for periods of time and trust that the property is taken care of in her absence.


Additional Comments

– We are looking for like-minded people with an open, flexible, down to earth attitude and approach to life. We are therefore open to accepting applicants wanting to contribute to the creative, spiritual, wellness-related activities taking place on the property under the proviso that it does not interfere with their regular tasks.


–          Minimum commitment of 6 months, with a preference for applications willing to come for 12 months or longer.

–          1 month trial as a normal volunteer to get a feel for each other

–          44 hours per week, usually spread in 5 8hs days and one 1/2 day. Most of the times the days off are during week days, as we usually have guests during weekends

You can choose to take one day of a week or four days off a month to explore the surrounding area.

We ask for flexibility during times where the owner is absent from the property and suggest that you discuss any plans for taking extended time (more than one day) away from the property with the owner

–          On site accommodation and help with transport to town for food shopping will be provided

–          A basic allowance for food and other expenses, which will be discussed upon receipt of your application remembering that we are a poor town in the centre of Brazil and wages here are very low so we need to be aware of this. The main interest should lie in an increased quality of life and an opening for a long-term partnership sharing abundance that we manage to create together.

–          Wireless Internet access is available and there are hot water showers

–          The local town offers plenty of amenities – restaurants, shops, internet cafes, laundry etc. but you would need your own car to come and go from the house or you can use local taxis/moto taxis.

–          Clean drinking water provided from the untouched waters of the mountains

–          Access to our stunning large rock mineral water pool, yoga temple and traditional Finnish sauna.

–          Due to our focus on being eco-friendly and sustainable, living conditions may be considered simple, but comfortable. You will use dry toilets, which we consider a more evolved way of dealing with our own “organic matter”.



If you are willing to apply for this position or have any questions please send as an email to


Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this and share it!


Blessings of love light and abundance for you all



Annie and Marianne